Beyond this room

As my work continues to grow and investigate the space between contemporary figurative portraiture and abstraction, some paintings get lost in the scrum.  “Nightshade” is a perfect example.  What initially began as a portrait of both my son and daughter, the painting over time became more a study of solitary contemplation.  In being worked on over the course of two years, it stands (she sits) alone as the singular representative of both where my work was and where it is now.  In this way she is her own species, a figural narrative different than the rest.  I have chosen to post it here to give it a chance at life beyond solitude, beyond the white walls of my studio.      

New painting entitled “Nightshade” by contemporary figurative artist, Ryan Myers

The species usually called nightshade in North America and the United Kingdom is S. dulcamara, also known as bittersweet and woody nightshade. Its foliage and egg-shaped red berries are poisonous, which can cause convulsions and death if taken in large doses.  For more info on nightshades see:

For process images of this piece and all things Ryan Myers see:  Ryan Myers on Instagram

New Studio

It’s halfway through 2017 and I’m on a good productive streak getting used to the amazing afternoon light in the new studio. There’s a lot of good things coming up soon: Portraits, paintings and drawings!

Studio life
Studio life

New Images

In the afterglow of both my solo show and the show I co-curated with the wonderful Jel Ena, I have updated the paintings and drawings pages with new works. I am looking forward to a busy last 1/4 of the year and continuing to bring you all exciting and colorful things from my studio. Cheers and enjoy!

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Hello Folks,

Off of my main page on the right hand side I added a widget to link to my most recent Instagram images for your viewing pleasure.  You can also follow me directly at @ryanmyersart

A Busy Autumn

ltdOctober was a busy month of prep for all the shows that I have pieces in for November. Look for new work at LTD Gallery in Seattle, WWA Gallery in L.A. and Dream Factory in Frankfurt, Germany.


Friends and Enemies,
It was inevitable that Instagram would catch up to me and I would become horribly addicted. That having been said, you can find me at @ryanmyersart.

Wayward tale of my “The Color Blue” paintings

As some of you might know, the paintings I had intended to show at Flower Pepper Gallery have gotten lost in the mail stream. I thought I would post them here for everyone’s enjoyment and in hopes that perhaps someone might see them and recognize them if they never make it back to me.

“Your Problems Hide in Your Curls”
Ryan Myers
“The Comfort in Apathy”
Ryan Myers

New Fun Items for the Shop

The new Woodsie edition of my popular Melancholia blind box plush has finally been released!!
Head over to the shop for these and a few other new additions.
<3 Ryan

2 days left

If you want to see “Dandies & Lolitas” in all its brick and mortar glory, there are only two days left. So, make your way down to Dream in Plastic in Beacon! Follow the link for directions 🙂